Ensure EIP Compliance

To successfully integrate with Dapper, your dapp will need to comply with these two Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs).

EIP 1164 (Backend Signature Validation)

Have a backend that validates messages signed by the Dapper Wallet? To begin integrating with Dapper, please ensure that your app is compliant with EIP 1654

If you're using JavaScript, Go, or Ruby, you can use one of these libraries:

EIP 1102

Dapper strives to create a safe experience with blockchain for all.

EIP 1102 creates a standard way for DOM environments to expose user accounts in a way that requires user approval.

We chose to become EIP 1102 compliant to support users’ control over access to their accounts and have added a request for approval before accessing account information.

Read more and contribute to the conversation about EIP 1102 here.