Meet Dapper

Dapper is the best way to discover dapps and digital collectibles, connect to decentralized experiences safely and easily, and buy cryptocurrency with convenience.

For developers, Dapper offers tools to build new experiences for users. Learn the how's, why's, and what's of Dapper.

Security Through Smart Contracts

Dapper is powered by a smart contract and interacts with the blockchain differently than other services and wallets. Dapper’s smart contract enables the most secure way to recover your account.

What is a Smart Contract?

A standard contract (in the modern world) outlines the terms of a relationship usually with some legal clause. In Ethereum and other blockchains, a smart contract enforces a relationship with cryptographic code. Smart contracts are working pieces of code and written clauses between a developer and a user, allowing the dapp (decentralized application) to perform certain beneficial functionality for you, the user.

Learn more about smart contracts and Dapper.

Why Aren't We Using a Single Private Key or Seed Phrase?

Single private keys or seed phrases are used in most client side wallets and become a vulnerable point of failure. This easily-lost string of words or characters is the only way to recover your currency and assets should you lose access. If it disappears, is stolen, or is found mistakenly, you'll lose your assets.

With Dapper, you have a rescue kit to recover access to your account, allowing you to enjoy the blockchain without fear of losing your valuable assets.

Transactions Made Easy With Dapper

Accessing, storing, and transferring your digital assets should be quick, easy, and simple.

Thanks to our smart contract, Dapper automatically calculates the best gas fee to ensure your transactions go through quickly without overspending.

We've also integrated with Simplex and MoonPay, secure payment processors that allow users to easily buy cryptocurrency with their credit card.

Simplex works for users in North America. MoonPay works for users in the European Union, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, and South Korea.