Can I create multiple accounts attached to my Dapper?
Not right now. However, thanks to Dapper’s smart contract, you can access your Dapper account from multiple devices!
Why does Dapper need my email address?
Only so we can share Dapper with you! Your email address is used to create your Dapper account, to log in, and to recover your account.
Why does Dapper need my phone number?
Only so we can make sure you’re, well, you.

Giving us your phone number is a one-shot deal: you give us your digits during account setup, we send you a secure text message with a verification code, and you input that code when prompted.

And that’s it – we don’t ask again.
What browser permissions does Dapper need?
To provide the best experience to the community, Dapper’s functionality requires access to a few areas. It requires limited permission to access webpages, tabs, and location details. Dapper ensures your private information remains secure, never checks your browser history, and only uses your location to enable the purchase of ether.

As the payment processor, Simplex uses the location permission through Dapper for fraud protection. However, this will be the only time it's required. Dapper will not be tracking your location otherwise.

For the browsing history permission, we're only using the tabs permissions as listed in Chrome's developer docs. We're testing interoperability between dapps to make navigation much easier for people using Dapper. This means we aren't actually looking at history, but testing how to make the experience smooth if you're using multiple dapps at the same time.
What does Dapper do with my personal data?
Dapper Labs, the company behind Dapper, collects and records personal data only to provide the best experience on our website and in our product.

We do not sell or trade your personal information to third parties.

For a detailed explanation of how Dapper Labs handles your data, please read our Terms of Use or contact us directly.
What happens if Dapper goes dark?
If Dapper is ever stopped for any reason, you’ll automatically be able to remove the cosigner requirement and continue making transactions, or transfer your assets to any wallet you want.

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