What is a Rescue Kit?
The Rescue Kit is your backup in case you lose access to the devices associated with your Dapper. As long as you have your Rescue Kit (which you can put in Dropbox, or save on an external drive) and access to your email, Dapper can recover your account while remaining fully decentralized.

With other products, if you lose your device, you lose your assets. With Dapper, recovery never relies on your device.
How does a Rescue Kit work?
Your Rescue Kit is one part of Dapper’s three-part account recovery system.

The Rescue Kit contains your backup key, which is solely held by you – Dapper does not store a copy of your rescue kit. But unlike private keys created by other wallets, the Dapper backup key alone cannot access your account.

To use your Dapper Rescue Kit, you need three things: your backup key, your email, and your password. With those pieces, you can recover your Dapper account at any time while remaining fully decentralized.
How do I recover my account with my Rescue Kit?
It’s simple: first, download a new Dapper extension from the Chrome store. Then, enter the email address and password you first used to sign up with Dapper.

Because you’ve used that email address and password before, you’ll immediately be prompted to use your rescue kit to recover your account. Just follow the steps and you’re good to go.

Friendly reminder: once it’s underway, the recovery process can take up to 10 minutes or longer to complete. During that time, don’t quit or uninstall Dapper. After you recover your account, make sure to download and save your new rescue kit.
How do I reset my password?
On the Dapper login screen, click I forgot my password and we’ll send you an email so you reset it. That’s it!
How do I sign out of Dapper?
That’s an easy one: click the Settings icon in Dapper (the gear symbol in the top right corner), and click Lock Extension.

Do you wanna know more? Please send us an email: support@meetdapper.com

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