How do I install Dapper?
Because Dapper is still in beta, you’ll need to join our waitlist first. Click the Request access button in the top right corner of this page and you’ll be placed on the list right away. When you’re next up, we’ll send you a link so you can download Dapper.

Don’t sleep!
How do I send ether (ETH) to Dapper?
It’s easy!
Copy your Dapper address by clicking on the copy icon in the top right corner of your Dapper extension, paste it in the ‘send’ field of your existing wallet, and choose how much ETH you want to send.
Friendly reminder: some wallets automatically alter network fees, which may prevent your transaction from going through unless you change it. We recommend you alter the gas limit to at least 24,000 TPS to ensure there’s no holdups.
Can I import my existing private key or seed phrase to Dapper?
Not yet, but you will soon.

When our Transfer Tokens feature is ready, you’ll be able to enter your existing wallet’s seed phrase so you can transfer all of your CryptoKitties to Dapper at once.
How do I transfer my tokens to Dapper?
To transfer ERC-20 tokens, follow the same process as transferring ETH: copy your Dapper address by clicking on the copy icon in the top right corner of your Dapper extension, paste it in the ‘send’ field of your existing wallet, and select the tokens you wish to transfer.
What tokens does Dapper support?
Dapper supports ERC-721 tokens (like CryptoKitties!) and range of ERC-20 tokens like:

MANA (Decentraland)
EMONT (Etheremon)
BNB (Binance)
BAT (Basic Attention Token)
MKR (MakerDAO)
OMG (OmiseGo)
CRO ( Chain)
VEN (VeChain)
ZRX (Ox)
REP (Augur)
What games can I play with Dapper?
You can play CryptoKitties, Decentraland, Etheremon, My Crypto Heroes, Axie Infinity, and MegaCryptoPolis with Dapper.

There’s many more top-tier games to come – stay tuned!

Note: your ERC-721 tokens can only be viewed in-game, not in the Dapper interface.
How does Dapper keep my assets secure?
Dapper keeps your stuff safe in battle-tested smart contracts – not on your device or offline like most products.
Securing your prized assets this way enables you to remain in complete control of your assets with the added benefit of easy account recovery, fraud protection, and the ability to access and manage your account from multiple devices.
Can I buy ETH with Dapper?
We got you! Dapper lets you buy ETH directly with your credit card using Simplex, a secure global payment processor.

You can also buy ETH with regular currency (e.g. USD, EUR, CAN) via a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase. To use an exchange, all you need is your credit card and your Dapper address (you can find your Dapper address by clicking on the copy icon at the top of your Dapper extension).
What is Simplex?
Simplex is an international company that provides secure payment processing with advanced fraud protection. With a proven track record supporting cryptocurrency, Simplex’s technology allows exchanges, brokers, wallets, merchants, and marketplaces to conduct business online with complete security and confidence.
Does Simplex require a minimum purchase or charge a service fee?
Yes. Simplex requires a minimum purchase of US $50 and charges a flat $10 service fee on all purchases up to US $200. For purchases of more than US $200, Simplex charges a 5% service fee.

Dapper collects no fees when you purchase ETH through Simplex.
How long does it take to buy ETH with Simplex?
Typically, credit card transactions made with Simplex take no more than one hour to complete, and many are processed immediately. In rare cases, it may take up to 24 hours to process your payment (and in very rare cases, up to 72 hours). During those lengthy wait times, you’ll receive an email requesting proof of identity or credit card ownership.

Once your transaction is processed, you’ll receive a confirmation email and the change will appear in your Dapper balance.
What if I need help with Simplex?
You can contact Simplex directly at, or check out their support centre.

Do you wanna know more? Please send us an email:

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