Can I control my gas with Dapper?
No need! Thanks to our smart contract, Dapper automatically calculates the best gas fee to ensure your transactions go through quickly without overspending.
We built Dapper so people can enjoy their favourite dapps, not worry about gas.
Why did my transaction fail?
It doesn’t happen often, but transactions can fail from time to time. Some potential causes are:
  • Somebody bought an item (like a CryptoKitty!) that you wanted before your bid was processed by the network.
  • You don’t have enough ETH to complete your transaction.
  • You entered an invalid wallet address.

Remember: failed transactions still incur a partial network fee, since hard working Ethereum miners had to crunch some numbers before they concluded the transaction wasn’t possible.

You can contact us anytime for help with your transactions.
Can I check the status of my transactions in Dapper?
Absolutely! Dapper’s activity list is featured on the home screen and displays all your transactions as either completed, pending, or failed.
Can I send a transaction when the network is busy?
Heck yeah! You can send a transaction any time you like.

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