Dapper’s frozen. What do I do?
For the adventurous:
  • Open up Dapper, click in the question mark icon (?) and hit refresh.
  • Go to the menu icon in the top right of your Chrome browser, scroll down to More Tools, click Extensions, and toggle the blue slider beside the Dapper icon off and back on.
Or, contact us at support@meetdapper.com and a professional wallet warmer will help you out.
I think I’ve encountered a bug. What do I do?
Tell us all about it out here. If possible, include screenshots of what you’re seeing, too. It’s a huge help!
How do I contact Dapper support?
Contact us any time at support@meetdapper.com and a helpful human from our team will respond ASAP.
Where can I find Dapper’s public GitHub?
No problem! For everything related to how our smart contracts work, you can find that information here.
Can I use Dapper and MetaMask at the same time?
No, you’ll have deactivate MetaMask to use Dapper. You can reactivate MetaMask any time you need to – just make sure you keep your seed phrase safe ;)

To deactivate MetaMask:
  • Go to the menu icon in the top right of your Chrome browser, scroll down to More Tools, and click Extensions.
  • On your Extensions page, click the blue slider beside the MetaMask icon to deactivate.
  • Refresh your open dapp(s) and you’re good to go.
Can Chrome’s sync feature affect Dapper?
Yes, if you sync your Chrome extensions across all your devices and then remove your Dapper extension from one of those devices – it will remove Dapper on every device associated with that Google Account. You can disable Chrome’s sync feature specifically for your extensions. Note: this will disable the sync feature for all of your extensions. To do this:
  • Type in ’Chrome://settings/syncSetup/advanced’ into your search bar
  • Under ’Sync everything’ toggle ’Extensions’ off
Reminder: So long as you have your rescue kit, you will never lose access to your account!

Do you wanna know more? Please send us an email: support@meetdapper.com

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