The Dapper Difference

Dapper is built for people who want security but aren’t cryptography experts. You know, the rest of us.

A smart contract is a no brainer

Dapper key layers

That’s why Dapper is powered by smart contract technology. Our secure smart contract ensures you always have complete custody of your prized assets and benefit from features like:

  • Simple account recovery
  • Fraud protection (coming soon)
  • Multi-device access (coming soon)

This is world-class security without world-class pain

Tough like a lockbox and safe like a net under a trapeze.

Painless password reset

Each device you add to Dapper gets a unique key to access your assets.

If you lose your password, just use your device to reset it.

If you lose your device, revoke that device’s keys and restore access to your account on a new computer or – coming soon – a mobile phone.

Dapper key layers
Dapper key layers

The rescue kit Recovery Kit

The rescue kit is one of Dapper’s signature innovations.

With other products, if you lose your devices, you lose your assets. Not with Dapper.

As long as you have your rescue kit and access to your email, you can easily recover your account while remaining fully decentralized.

Coming soon: Practicing safe blockchain

Dapper’s smart contract will run constant fraud protection by letting Dapper co-sign your transactions.

If you get a suspicious request, Dapper checks in before authorizing the transaction.

If you’re about to send to a spam address, Dapper can warn you.

What the smart contract can’t do, ever, is allow anyone else to access your assets.

Nobody but you can ever move or spend your money.

Let go of gas

Dapper automatically manages your gas to make sure your transactions go through quickly at all times, regardless of network traffic.

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