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The best way to blockchain

  • Discover the best apps and collectibles
  • Connect to experiences safely and easily
  • Enjoy free transactions, exclusive drops, and more

The future is fun

On the blockchain, your stuff is yours—forever.
Your experiences are transparent and fair, and your assets are more than real. You can build on top of your favourite games, and you can actually profit from your contributions. Dapper brings blockchain to you.

Play with Dapper

Dapper partners with the best dapps to bring you quality experiences. When you play with Dapper, you get a Dapper Pass with free transactions and all sorts of exclusive content!

What Dapper can do for you

Never lose your stuff.

Never lose your stuff.

If you lose your device or password, Dapper offers account recovery without having access or control over your stuff.

Freedom from fees

Freedom from fees

Dapper teams up with the best blockchain games and experiences to give you free transactions, so you can focus on having fun.

One-click convenience

One-click convenience

With Dapper, you can buy cryptocurrency and collectibles with a credit card, and know all your digital treasures are safe.

Dapper is smart.

By using smart contracts, Dapper provides convenience without compromise.

  • Easily manage your transactions
  • Foolproof security means not even Dapper’s creators can touch your stuff
  • Chrome only; iOS and Android support are coming soon
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Screeenshot of Dapper site

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