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AE Studio
We are a development, data science and design studio that works closely with founders and executives to create custom software, blockchain, machine learning and BCI solutions.
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AnChain.AI is a leading Web3 security and risk management firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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Concept Art House
Concept Art House is the premiere web3 creative agency in art and entertainment. We strategize, design, create and engage for the largest brands and projects in the space.
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Flowverse NFT is a next generation NFT marketplace on the Flow Blockchain where people can buy and sell NFTs. For creators and big brands, we provide the end-to-end production of NFTs, including a launchpad. We also offer marketing and distribution services through being the leading media platform covering Flow Blockchain.
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Gaia is the leading digital collectible marketplace on the Flow blockchain. With top collections like NBA Top Shot, BALLERZ, and Dimension X, Gaia is the premier destination for buying, listing, and trading digital collectibles.
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Gigantik is an end-to-end web3 engagement platform and marketplace provider built for enterprise brands.
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Gigster helps organizations scale at incredible speed by rapidly standing up Web3 development teams for leading edge projects, fully managing and de-risking projects from start to finish, and delivering quality results at fixed rate flat fee pricing.
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Intertrust Technologies
Intertrust Marketmaker provides a Web3 SaaS platform that enables new monetization opportunities for digital and physical products. MarketMaker is integrated with native DRMs on Apple, Google and Microsft’s device platforms, which means digital assets are protected on all popular consumer devices such as smartphones, smart TV, digital frames, and laptops. MarketMaker also integrates NFC technologies to enable authentication of provenance and ownership of physical products that allows trusted phygital product lifecycle from design and manufacturing to consumer P2P transactions.
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Mint is a white-label platform for brands, agencies, teams/leagues, and creators to build their owned-and-operated ecosystem for onboarding consumers and fans into Web3 with digital tokens.
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Started in 2018, NFT.Kred was one of the first SaaS platforms in the NFT space to build Whitelabel NFT marketplaces and projects for large brands and now aims to be the Shopify of NFT marketplaces for Web3.0. We focus on simplifying the onboarding process into NFTs for mainstream users and brands by providing turnkey solutions - no code required. In addition to our no-code platform, NFT.Kred also offers custom large scale applications and API integrations for enterprise clients to meet specific needs.
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Niftory provides blazing-fast GraphQL APIs for adding NFTs and wallets to any app in minutes. Query/Mint/Airdrop NFTs, create custodial wallets, and authenticate users using the Niftory developer platform, all without writing a line of smart contract code (really!).
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Rehab Agency
We’re a digital innovation agency building web3 products for Nike, Google, Meta, and WWE. We uncover strategic growth opportunities for consumer brands, media companies, and VC firms using web3 technologies. Our teams provide research, strategy, product, and engineering services.
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Subnation is an award winning Web3 studio that develops and produces unique, hybrid marketing and product solutions across traditional media and innovative digital platforms.
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Tibles creates premium, brand-friendly digital collectibles and experiences that facilitate the social aspects of collecting. Our engaging, consumer-friendly mobile apps allow passionate fans to collect, trade, display, and socialize within their fandom.
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